Chris Paton, 2021-10-9

Professional service really helped my back and hamstring with the cupping and acupuncture, well worth a visit

Andrew Sowerby, 2021-10-5

Great experience! Dr Wu was considerate, educational, caring and professional. Would recommend.

Farzane Azizi, 2021-9-21

After a week of not being able to walk because of my knee pain and cramped muscles that I couldn't ease the pain in any way , I decided to try acupuncture. Unbelievably, the result was amazing even after the first session! I did both cupping and acupuncture through the last 2months and am so glad that I found Dr.Wu. She was so patient, sympathetic, and caring with me during this time. What you probably need your doctor to be. However, the pain was severe recently because of an accident but I have had this problem for 8years and I don't believe that any treatment could help this but traditional methods such as cupping and acupuncture. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who hasn't been able to find a way to manage knee pains and muscles problems.

Paul Frolich, 2021-8-29

I have suffered with acid reflux on and off for around twenty years, it has become really bad in the last two or three years. At one time or another I have been prescribed all the relevant medications from my GP/hospital, with varying degrees of success and some of the horrendous side effects. So far I have had 6 treatments with Dr Wu and I was pleasantly surprised to start feeling better from day one. I have reduced my medication and I’m hoping to stop taking it all together. The difference she has made to me is incredible. As others have said Dr Wu is so professional, pleasant and caring you feel totally relaxed in her care. I can’t recommend Dr Wu enough. Thank you Dr Weiju Wu.

Judith T, 2021-8-21

After a long term issue of heartburn and reflux that I have had for 7 years with little respite from drugs or NHS consultations I contacted Dr Wu as a bit of a last resort. I received a consultation and first treatment within 48 hours and found Dr Wu to be thorough, friendly and very professional. The premises are very clean and Covid aware. I am delighted to be having some success with relief of my problems which started happening after around 5 sessions. I am going to continue on with the amount of sessions Dr Wu has suggested with confidence that my issues will continue to decrease and my health improve.

Rafaqat Ali, 2021-8-20

Very caring and professional person is Dr Wu I had facial muscle pain and within two weeks It was extremely better Thank you

Sarah Fae, 2021-7-26

I was recommended to see Dr Wu through a friend who had excellent results through a series of acupuncture treatments. My symptoms related to Fibromyalgia when I started working with Dr Wu I felt severely fatigued with headaches and pain all over my body. I am currently on treatment number 14 and the headaches are gone, my energy/pain has greatly improved, I feel lighter and brighter! Dr Wu is a professional and you feel very taken care of by her expertise and manner. Her treatments are varied as she uses a range of traditions from Chinese medicine. She goes above and beyond what I have ever experienced before with a holistic therapist. Thank-you so much Dr Wu- you have given me my life back after years of fibromyalgia.

Charden Pouo, 2021-7-15

Her customer service and the level of service she provides are unmatched. Dr Weiju is an absolute professional. She truly cares about her patients' well-being and will ensure that you receive the best care possible. I cannot sing her praises highly enough.

Les Johnson, 2021-7-13

I suffered from Trigeminal Neuralgia (Severe Toothache type pain) in my jaw and check. After 1 hour of cupping and acupuncture the symptoms were alleviated slightly but the next day was when I seen the most improvement. I've had a further two treatments and the pain has almost completely gone. All that is left is a minor tingling in one of my teeth. I will take that any day over the severe pain I had before I went to see Weiju and I'm hoping after the next treatment i will be fully repaired. Aside from how successful treatment was this is real Value for Money with no hidden extras or pressure to buy more or purchase a bulk of unnecessary treatments. Weiju discusses the options then allows you to go away and think about what if any further treatments you want to take. The first consultation and treatment was about 2 and a bit hours at £30 which was half price at the time and then each further treatment of 2 hours was £40. So in all over 7 hours of treatment at just over £100. I dont think that is bad at all. Thank you Weiju 😊

Przemyslaw D, 2021-7-8

Great practice and explanation about my problem. Dr Wu helped me a lot with my long lasting lower back and shoulder blade injuries. Highly recommended!

John Telford, 2021-7-5

After suffering sciatica pain for weeks Dr Wu has taken away the pain in just 2 sessions. She performed an initial examination and diagnosis and had treated me within one day of contacting her. The pain had almost gone after the first session. Her consulting room and hygiene methods were excellent. She explained very clearly the problem and the methods of treatment. The pricing is explained on the website and no extras were added. Dr Wu is very caring and understanding and l can’t thank her enough for the excellent treatment.

Charles Lynch, 2021-6-4

Very good place for acupuncture dr wu is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I been suffering from an old injury in my L5 lower back for a long time and dr wu treatment certainly helps. I definitely recommend her service.

L Wang, 2021-6-2

I had insomnia and right shoulder pain for several months. After having acupuncture treatment for one month with Dr. Wu, these symptoms have disappeared and now I can have a sound sleep every night and feel more energetic than before. During each session, Dr. Wu first asks my progress and does a pulse and tongue check. Then she does cupping on my back and acupuncture treatment. The infrared heating are put on my belly/or back and legs. The whole treatment is so relaxing and I often fall asleep and feel so good after that. I have benefited so much through the treatment and will definitely recommend her to all my friends.

EllishiaB, 2021-5-10

The quality and service was amazing! Was very friendly and professional, took the time to explain in depth everything. It has helped me hugely with my condition with my face. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Andrea Satterthwaite, 2021-5-9

I have been attending acupuncture and cupping with Weiju for a couple of months now in relation to my allergies and my skin condition. Amazing difference. Weiju is so patient and calming and explains all procedures clearly. Felt relaxed from day one with the acupuncture and amazed with it’s outcomes.

Nazreen Zaman, 2021-4-6

Dr Wu is so thorough and really cared for me holistically, I saw a difference in my energy levels within a few treatments. I highly recommend her services and specifically women’s health, my menstrual cycle was really heavy before treatment and now it’s much better. You can really tell She is passionate about caring and treated patients.

Sadio Salah, 2021-3-13

Last 3 days I had been struggling with excruciating back, neck and shoulder pain and had my first ever acupuncture appointment with Dr Wu. I had acupuncture, cupping and a term called 'bleeding' and am happy to add, am feeling way way better than when I first arrived. Her practice is clean and professional and I would highly recommend her service. As a first time customer I also received 50% off my fee which covered my taxi. Definitely reccomend.

Rae White, 2021-2-25

Dr Wu is very patient, knowledable and diligent. I have had a flare up of crohn's disease and decided to look into more holistic theaepies... I'm so glad I did. Dr Wu's treatment has been amazing for my energy levels especially as someone who struggle with chronic fatigue. I've also had chronic constipation and nausea associated with crohns which treatment also helped with. She is very thorough each session. I have been receiving treatment since December and have felt very safe and looked after,i never had accuncpuncture before this and now I'm sure I will go along if I need to. Dr wu will recommend how long your treatment should be for. I would recommend if you have an ailment that has been bothering you I'm sure acupuncture will be of help.

Nadine Elizabeth, 2020-12-31

I came across Weiju after needing help with my severe tinnitus, stomach problems, chronic fatigue, poor circulation and much more imbalances that i can't describe. After the treatment my symptoms are elevated and I feel much more calmer. She takes time to understand your body and speak with you to help you not worry about it or anything. I look forward to going to see her every time because I know I feel better after. It's worth every penny.

Fred G, 2020-12-20

Dr. Wu is a very thorough practitioner, she took the time to discuss the progression of my symptoms at every session to tailor my treatment. After a couple of months' worth of acupuncture with Dr. wu, I experienced a noticeable improvement in my mood and energy levels. Definitely recommended.

Bridget Shea, 2020-12-14

Dr Weiju Wu has helped with my pain management after an injury. The acupuncture and cupping sessions have also improved my general health and wellbeing. I am very impressed with the support I’ve received from Weiju. She clearly explains the treatment, actively listens and worked with me to manage my pain and improve my sleep. I am very grateful to her and she comes highly recommended.

Natalie Palmer, 2020-12-3

Over the course of 10 treatments with Dr Wu I have seen extreme results. I have suffered with adult acne since I was a teenager, I am now in my early 30s. I have tried everything western doctors have given me including being on antibiotics for six months at a time, steroid creams and pills. I have tried detoxes, juice diets and cutting out food groups. Even after being vegan for two years the acne still persisted. After just seven treatments with Dr Wu my acne had cleared up, My menstrual cycle adjusted and I now have pain-free periods. I no longer have heart palpitations before my period. Dr Wu is professional, very thorough and makes you feel safe. I would recommend anyone going to see her and will be sending all of my friends her way.

Ken, 2020-11-10

Dr.Wu is a pleasant and compassionate person who cares about her patients and appears to go that extra mile to achieve the objectives.Her treatment plan is carefully thought out and thoughtfully administered. Highly recommended.

Kat Truong, 2020-8-6

I received a course of acupuncture treatment particularly for pain in my arm after falling off a climbing wall. The pain persisted for weeks before I met Dr Wu. I found that her treatment also aided my low energy and stress levels. Relieving blocked energy in the body can have surprising and welcome results. Dr Wu has a thorough knowledge of acupuncture and TCM practices. She took the time to understand my health issues, and performs a pulse and tongue check at each session. She is attentive and caring in her approach. As well as acupuncture, Dr Wu included cupping therapy, ear seeds and moxibustion in my treatment plan. I believe the combination of these TCM practises have been hugely beneficial. If you are considering acupuncture as an alternative to Western Medicine, you need to find a good practitioner. I have already recommended Dr Wu's services to my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Weiju!

Andrew Murray, 2020-7-30

I was always sceptical about acupuncture but thought I’d give it a try after I was introduced to Weiju. I explained my ailments (stress, insomnia and digestive issues) to Weiju and she thought acupuncture could help. I’m now approaching the end of my second block of 10 treatments and showing noticeable improvements in each area. The more research I do, the more I believe Traditional Chinese Medicine can deliver better results than Western Medicine. Weiju is very attentive and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Alice Uwineza, 2020-7-21

I had never considered Chinese medicine before. However, after my first consultation with Dr. Wu, I decided to give it a try. She first checked my nails, teeth and tongue to get an idea about my general health, then we talked about my sleeping issues and suboptimal bowel movement. Based on the latter, she put an acupunture, moxibustion and cupping treatment scheme together. Although I was quite stressed about the treatment, Dr. Wu would explain every step in detail and check in regularly if I was feeling alright. Because of this, from the second session onwards, I was able to relax during the treatment. I very much enjoyed every session with Dr. Wu and after 2 treatments I already noticed that my sleep and bowel movement had significantly improved. After 14 treatments, my insomnia and bowel movement were recovered. Thank you Dr. Wu!​

M-T Pinder, 2020-7-15

"There once was the wise Doctor Wu Who listened, then knew what to do. She placed needles and cups so The chi it could flow, And her patients then thanked her anew." "(An original limerick by the reviewer, M-T Pinder, copyright 2020)."
"My initial session with Dr Wu consisted of a thorough examination, from top to toe, including my tongue, hands and pulses. She noted my ailments, some long-standing including a fungal sinus condition and digestive problems as well as more recently acquired arthritis and water retention. I felt she listened carefully to what I had told her as displayed by the questions she asked me, and I had confidence in accepting her recommendation of acupuncture and cupping treatment for my elderly body. Before lockdown brought the appointments to an abrupt stop, I had a number of appointments. It took a couple of treatments for me to become accustomed to the techniques, initially somewhat alarming, inevitably involving some discomfort. However, I adjusted to the treatment and Dr Wu's continuing diagnostic skills, and I feel the treatments have been beneficial to my system. Some improvement was immediately experienced and over a longer period there was an increased sense of overall well-being. Unfortunately, there have been no treatments possible since March, due to lockdown rules. I have missed the benefits of continuing sessions, and look forward to resuming them as soon as circumstances allow."

Serpil Bulut, 2020-7-13

I received my treatment last year for my complicated condition. Dr. Wu’s (Weiju’s) vast acupuncture and human health knowledge; and passion for helping and caring for people showed itself very clearly right at the consultation stage. Her smooth technique of putting needles in and reassuring approach during the treatment is very conforming. She ensured that she communicated the treatment programme with me well. Not only she is very experienced and good at acupuncture, she is amazing with giving advise on how to look after the body; e.g. keep feet warm. Weiju always contacted me after each treatment to check how I was feeling and provided further guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Wu. You will be in good hands.

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