Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees the working of the body and mind as the results of the interaction of certain vital substances, in which Qi (also called Chi, vital energy) is the most important one. Many diseases are caused by lack of Qi or blockage of Qi’s natural flow in the body. Spleen and stomach digest the food and water and transform them into Qi and blood. They are considered the source of Qi and blood production. There are some vital acupuncture points in our abdomen that are related to the Qi production and circulation, e.g. gate of original qi, sea of qi, middle of epigastrium, heavenly pillar and big horizontal stroke (Figure 1). Moreover, there is a special acupoint on our belly called Mind Palace, which helps to calm our mind and increase Qi production. Massaging these acupoints can promote the circulation of Qi and blood in our body and make us stay healthy. It also helps to

  • lose excess belly fat,
  • reduce facial wrinkles
  • improve sleeping

Massage method:

Place the palm of your right hand on the palm of your left hand and turn it clockwise from the inside to the outside as shown in the picture. Massage 100-200 times (figure 2). At this time, the palm of your right hand is very hot. Place it on your belly button and gently massage it for 100-200. Doing it when going to sleep will help you fall asleep.

Constipation affects people of different ages, especially children and the elderly. It can be alleviated by pushing the radial side of the index finger.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation and discharge of stools are closely related to the large intestine. The large intestine receives the waste materials sent down from the small intestine, absorb its fluid content, and form the remainder into faeces to be excreted. Pathological changes of the large intestine will lead to dysfunction in this transportation function, resulting in loose stools or constipation. The large intestine meridian starts from the tip of the index finger, running upward along the radial side of the index finger and passing through the interspaces of the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. Therefore, massaging the radial side of 2nd metacarpal bone and index finger can stimulate the large intestine meridian and eliminate constipation.

Massage method:

Push 100-300 times from the 2nd metacarpal bone to your fingertips according to Figure 1, using your thumb (Figure 2) or a tool (Figure 3). Repeat several times a day until you have a bowel movement.

Fatigue and lack of sleep can easily cause dark circles and bags under the eyes, which are difficult to get rid of and make you look older than you are. However, they can be improved by rolling hot eggs around the eyes. This method is simple, easy and also helps to tighten sagging facial skin, alleviate dark patches on the face and eliminate cholesterol deposits around the eyes.


Chinese medicine believes that the face is the place where the body’s qi and blood are concentrated, and it is also the place where the meridians meet with each other (Figure 1). If the facial qi and blood are not smooth, or even local qi stagnation and blood stasis, it is easy to cause saggy skin, wrinkles, dark spots and patches, and dark circles under the eyes. Rolling hot egg therapy is an ancient folk remedy used to prevent and treat some diseases. The heat of the egg helps open pores and release toxins, increase local qi and blood circulation and remove obstructions in the meridians.


  1. Put 2 eggs in the pot, add cold water to cover the eggs, boil for 3 minutes, turn down the heat and cook for 15-20 minutes. Stay for 3 minutes after turning off the heat.
  2. Take out one egg, peel it, and test the surface temperature of the egg by hand (Figure 2). When the egg is not very hot, roll it quickly around the eyes, especially the lower eyelid (Figure 3), until the egg starts to get cold. Put it back to the pot and heat it again.
  3. Meanwhile, take out the other egg, peel it and continue rolling.
  4. The two eggs can be heated repeatedly and rolled alternately for 10-20 minutes until the facial skin becomes red.


  • The egg must remain intact after peeling.
  • Eggs should not be too hot when rolling to prevent
  • skin burning
  • Throw away the eggs after the operation is over. Don’t eat them.

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