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Weiju Wu 

MD, PhD, registered acupuncturist

I am a qualified acupuncture practitioner, committed to applying Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to help you live a physically healthy, emotionally balanced and spiritually poised life.

Dr. Wu’s Acupuncture in Newcastle offers treatment for a wide range of diseases by combining traditional acupuncture with electroacupuncture, ear acupuncture and cupping. Sessions will be personalised and tailored to suit each client.



10:00 am-6:30 pm



Phone: 07942613160

Address: 20 Ashbrooke street, Newcastle, NE3 4UH

Facebook: @DrWusAcupuncture


Consultation: 30 min, £15

Initial consultation & treatment: 120 min, £70

Follow-up treatment: 90 min, £55





Kat Truong, 2020-8-6

I received a course of acupuncture treatment particularly for pain in my arm after falling off a climbing wall. The pain persisted for weeks before I met Dr Wu. I found that her treatment also aided my low energy and stress levels. Relieving blocked energy in the body can have surprising and welcome results. Dr Wu has a thorough knowledge of acupuncture and TCM practices. She took the time to understand my health issues, and performs a pulse and tongue check at each session. She is attentive and caring in her approach. As well as acupuncture, Dr Wu included cupping therapy, ear seeds and moxibustion in my treatment plan. I believe the combination of these TCM practises have been hugely beneficial. If you are considering acupuncture as an alternative to Western Medicine, you need to find a good practitioner. I have already recommended Dr Wu's services to my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Weiju!

Andrew Murray, 2020-7-30

I was always sceptical about acupuncture but thought I’d give it a try after I was introduced to Weiju. I explained my ailments (stress, insomnia and digestive issues) to Weiju and she thought acupuncture could help. I’m now approaching the end of my second block of 10 treatments and showing noticeable improvements in each area. The more research I do, the more I believe Traditional Chinese Medicine can deliver better results than Western Medicine. Weiju is very attentive and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Alice Uwineza, 2020-7-21

I had never considered Chinese medicine before. However, after my first consultation with Dr. Wu, I decided to give it a try. She first checked my nails, teeth and tongue to get an idea about my general health, then we talked about my sleeping issues and suboptimal bowel movement. Based on the latter, she put an acupunture, moxibustion and cupping treatment scheme together. Although I was quite stressed about the treatment, Dr. Wu would explain every step in detail and check in regularly if I was feeling alright. Because of this, from the second session onwards, I was able to relax during the treatment. I very much enjoyed every session with Dr. Wu and after 2 treatments I already noticed that my sleep and bowel movement had significantly improved. After 14 treatments, my insomnia and bowel movement were recovered. Thank you Dr. Wu!

M-T Pinder, 2020-7-15

"There once was the wise Doctor Wu Who listened, then knew what to do. She placed needles and cups so The chi it could flow, And her patients then thanked her anew." "(An original limerick by the reviewer, M-T Pinder, copyright 2020)." "My initial session with Dr Wu consisted of a thorough examination, from top to toe, including my tongue, hands and pulses. She noted my ailments, some long-standing including a fungal sinus condition and digestive problems as well as more recently acquired arthritis and water retention. I felt she listened carefully to what I had told her as displayed by the questions she asked me, and I had confidence in accepting her recommendation of acupuncture and cupping treatment for my elderly body. Before lockdown brought the appointments to an abrupt stop, I had a number of appointments. It took a couple of treatments for me to become accustomed to the techniques, initially somewhat alarming, inevitably involving some discomfort. However, I adjusted to the treatment and Dr Wu's continuing diagnostic skills, and I feel the treatments have been beneficial to my system. Some improvement was immediately experienced and over a longer period there was an increased sense of overall well-being. Unfortunately, there have been no treatments possible since March, due to lockdown rules. I have missed the benefits of continuing sessions, and look forward to resuming them as soon as circumstances allow."

Serpil Bulut, 2020-7-13

I received my treatment last year for my complicated condition. Dr. Wu’s (Weiju’s) vast acupuncture and human health knowledge; and passion for helping and caring for people showed itself very clearly right at the consultation stage. Her smooth technique of putting needles in and reassuring approach during the treatment is very conforming. She ensured that she communicated the treatment programme with me well. Not only she is very experienced and good at acupuncture, she is amazing with giving advise on how to look after the body; e.g. keep feet warm. Weiju always contacted me after each treatment to check how I was feeling and provided further guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Wu. You will be in good hands.